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Future-focused today for a prosperous, competitive, and healthy tomorrow.

The NC Chamber Foundation is creating a strong, sustainable future for businesses and communities across North Carolina. Through nonpartisan research and thoughtful collaboration, the NC Chamber Foundation serves as a convener and works to disseminate information related to complex challenges, craft sound policy recommendations, track progress, and drive a future-focused vision to expand economic growth and prosperity for all North Carolinians.

The work of the NC Chamber Foundation is leveraged by the NC Chamber and aligned business organizations to advocate for change that positions North Carolina as a top-10 state to work and do business. To stay up to date on our progress or to join our efforts, sign up for Foundation Updates below.


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Recent Updates:

  • 读 the newly released Location Matters survey and white paper from the Tax Foundation and KPMG LLP, which discusses how NC became one of the most competitive tax structure states for business in the United States. The Location Matters study, released in May 2021, compared overall tax costs among businesses of different types in all 50 states while the white paper follows that report to provide a detailed look at the factors behind North Carolina’s strong finish.
  • The NC Chamber Foundation and N.C. State University’s Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) presented at the Southern District of the Institute of Transportation Engineers Annual Meeting on the impacts of investing in roads and highways for North Carolina.
  • Year in Review: 2020 COVID, a reflective research report from the NC Chamber Foundation on the statewide economy during the past year. The publication addresses the demographic, health, and economic effects caused by COVID-19 across our communities, as well as how North Carolina’s response and recovery compare nationally and with other states in the Southeastern region.
  • Access the NC Dashboard, a data-driven, objective resource to measure the state’s competitive weaknesses and advantages. The streamlined NC Dashboard allows anyone to easily monitor how North Carolina’s economic success compares to every other state by tracking strategic growth metrics.
  • Learn about the NC Chamber Foundation report Modernizing North Carolina’s Infrastructure Through Sustainable and Diversified Revenue Streams, which outlines potential pathways for securing a more sustainable stream of transportation revenue for North Carolina.

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